As a club we enjoy many and varied activities including, for example, being invited to witness the relaunch of Steam Pinnace 199. Click here to view The Maritime Workshop newsletter about this event and their ongoing work of refurbishment. We also regularly participate in both National and Local exhibitions and visits to other clubs and our list is still growing.

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Location within Highbridge Farm

boatlake A typical day at the pond, even though it was wet.

As the years go by so our Regatta improves and 2014 was typical even when held at our as yet incomplete facilities at Highbridge Farm. The link below is a short video record of the event kindly compiled by our member Andy Windibank (thanks Andy).

The day included two guest clubs from the region who reported a very successful day what with competitions and constant refreshments as well as a barbeque in the adjacent meadow alongside the Itchen River.

General View_3  General view of the Regatta


Chairmans Challenge Competitors Chairman’s Challenge competitors. Click here to see the rules

Coffee Stick VosperThe Winner entirely made from coffee stirers


Back to Back FinalFinal of the Back to Back steering competition

BarbecueA glorious end to the day with a barbeque in the nearby meadow


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